Rachel Pohl art is a fine art and apparel company that has been growing through social media and email outreach. They create athletic apparel and outdoor gear with designs from Rachel Pohl’s fine art focused on nature and famous national parks. After realizing they didn’t have any way to look at their data holistically and wondering why customers were not completing their orders they came to Sourcetable.  They were having trouble understanding the key drivers of their sales and how to get customers to keep coming back. Analyzing their data using Sourcetable's live spreadsheets gave them the information they needed.  Now they are reaching out to their customers bimonthly and actively tracking cart completion.

“Sourcetable has pulled back the veil allowing us to see, in nearly real time, how our strategies affect results. Thank you, Sourcetable!”

New opportunities for growth

Promotions via Instagram and have given Rachel Pohl Art a great deal of success.  However using this success to further grow their business was proving to be tricky. There were untapped opportunities and areas of growth that Rachel Pohl Art couldn't see. The main opportunities of growth were creating more return customers and having more users complete their purchase. They also wanted to know what places resonated with their customers in order to create new designs and whether they should create a line of apparel for kids.

Why Sourcetable?

They came to Sourcetable to understand the analytics behind their success because as a small business they hadn’t put the thought into why the business was growing. They were just happy that the business was doing well. They needed live data from shopify and other sources to create a cross platform dashboard and understand the details of their business. They chose Sourcetable because it is the only live spreadsheet that connects directly to your own data from multiple sources, easily automating dashboards and reports.

“Sourcetable provided us with the ability to truly understand what the inner workings of our business looks like by providing an easy to access, easy to use solution to an otherwise complex and messy trove of data.”

Process and Actions

A live Dashboard was created in Sourcetable allowing Rachel Pohl Art see their daily KPI’s quickly whenever they want. They analyzed customer demographics for faster business decisions and automated email campaigns for abandoned cart and returning customers.

“With access to our updating, customized tables we can track metrics that are most important to us on a daily basis.”

This was all done by integrating their data from shopify and analyzing their customer demographics, habits and sales on an up to date dashboard.


Rachel Pohl Art can now tailor their apparel designs to respond to customer demand and create campaigns that connect more deeply to their customers. They are now sending emails of appreciation for regular customers. One key area of growth for Rachel Pohl Art is to re-engage customers who are interested but have abandoned their cart and not returned. The monthly reports allowed them to set up a nudge email campaign for customers who have abandoned their cart.

Try Sourcetable today and never waste time rebuilding reports again.