A User Case Study

The bottle industry is wasteful and Mason Bottle seeks to change that with their core values:

  • Made of the healthiest materials, in the best conditions
  • Long lasting and reusable to reduce waste long term
  • Easy to use and clean to make sustainability easy on mom and dad

Mason Bottle is selling glass bottles glass baby bottles, toddler products and feeding supplies that last from baby and beyond. Started in 2015 by Laura Belmar, who wanted a more minimalist approach to feeding her baby causing her to run a Kickstarter campaign then promptly moved on to the mass market in 2016. As an established business they have set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that they are tracking. Each time these KPIs were tracked, they were manually entered into a spreadsheet from multiple sources and applications, leading to a loss of time and money for their small team.

“Creating our own custom dashboard in Sourcetable has just allowed us to adapt our marketing strategy much faster.”

Laura Belmar with son

Data Entry Challenges

As an Ecommerce store there are a number of applications that are used to grow and maintain the business. In 2021, Mason Bottle moved to create their own custom marketing dashboards as privacy updates in iOS 14 shook the reliability of key metrics like ROAS across advertising platforms. Creating their own custom dashboards with new KPIs allowed them to work around unreliable data, but also created the need for manual data entry. Mason Bottle was using too much of their time retrieving and maintaining data on a dashboard to monitor ads and sales. It was creating a choke point and not allowing them to respond quickly to changes in their business. They wanted to be more nimble and know to change their ads when necessary. Entering their data in the spreadsheet was taking hours every other week creating a culture drain on the team. Laura Belmar put it best, “Creating our own custom dashboards allowed us to regain control over the quality of our marketing data, but was hard on our team culture. We loved having reliable information to drive marketing decisions, but hated the deadlines and the tediousness of manual entry. Sourcetable has saved our team so much bandwidth and freed them up to do the work they love analyzing the data!”

“I am just enjoying … saving so much manual data entry for us to get the information that we need.”

Why Sourcetable?

Automation. Mason Bottle needed a dashboard that updates with new information automatically without any data entry. The marketing manager couldn’t keep spending the time on data entry because there were more pressing matters that needed to be attended to. Using Sourcetable, they were able to get the live data for their business across multiple platforms and have one place to access it all.

Process and Actions

One main dashboard and three more specific dashboards give Mason Bottle a cross-platform view of the business, as well as a more in-depth view. They are analyzing their marketing efforts every other week for faster business decisions. They have a main dashboard with cross platform data on all marketing for their business from Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to Shopify orders and Klaviyo email campaigns. Then dashboards for sales, Google Ads and Facebooks Ads specifically to dig into their data.

“It's a huge bonus as well to get all of those additional insights that we just didn't really have the bandwidth to pull before.”


Mason Bottle has a dashboard that updates automatically with their marketing and ad spending and performance across all platforms. They are saving time and mental effort by not having to do any data entry for their reports on the 1st and the 15th of every month. They now have more time to gain new insights on their business and improve more quickly.

“We've been able to increase our ROI and get quicker feedback on where to spend more, when and where to pull back.”

Baby using a Mason Bottle

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