Hello Sourcers!

Here's what we've been up to over the past couple of weeks:

Conditional Formatting, All-time Data Sync, Other Exciting Updates!

1. Conditional Formatting

Big fan of cohort analyses? So are we. Now you can make them shine with Sourcetable's color scale and single color conditional formatting rules. Perfect for CAC, Churn, ROAS, and LTV reports.

easter-egg: use rand() to create a conditional-formatting party

2. All-time Data Sync

Facebook Ads and Google Analytics integrations are now enabled to pull the full historical dataset on first-sync. (A big improvement from 3-months historical.)

Once the initial data sync is completed you'll receive an email letting you know all your data is available inside Sourcetable. Remember: all data in Sourcetable is fresh to within 15 minutes. Once you have completed the initial sync there is no need to re-sync, refresh or import data – we handle that for you automagically.

3. Other updates

A big thank you to everyone who provided user feedback and reported bugs.

Courtesy of this feedback we fast-tracked and released insert new row/column as well as the ability to rename spreadsheets and data tables. We also crushed a lot of bugs that weren't found in our internal testing, making the product more stable.

🙏 Thanks again and please keep the feedback coming.

Coming soon:

  • Groupby
  • Faster joins recommendations
  • Bulk CSV import (import and analyze CSVs of any size)
  • More data integrations: Klaviyo, Recharge, Braintree, Microsoft SQL Server, Helpscout

The future of spreadsheets is spreadsheets!

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