Hello Sourcers! Back again with new product feature updates:

1. Two weeks filter

Want to see your payroll  data every two weeks? Not a problem now that we have a two week filter and time group by for every two weeks. Simply expand the filter drop down and choose Last 2 weeks or expand Group by Time and choose 2 weeks. Allowing you to be more nimble and slice your KPIs in even more fun and interesting ways!

two week filter

2. Row limit increases

Users can set their own row limit in the app. This can make the app more performant if they only need to see a certain number of rows. The maximum row limit has increased to one million and will be set by default.

row limit increase

3. Field selector of greater than, less than, equal to

Maybe you need to see data where two fields match each other or whether one column comes before the other. You can choose 2 columns/fields to compare using equal, not equal, greater than, less than and more. This can let you see your data in creative ways and compare whether or not your marketing content was viewed before a customer's subscription sign up. Now you can see your marketing funnel end-to-end.

matching fields

4. Select join types

For everyone familiar with MySQL  you can now select what type of join you want when you join tables in Sourcetable. Whether you need a left join, inner join, outer join, or right join we have what you need. For the those unfamiliar with MySQL you can now link your data tables in new ways without writing code.

join selection

🙏 Thanks again and please keep the feedback coming. We love to hear what you need and want to use.

Coming soon:

  • Pivot Tables
  • Calculated Columns

The future of spreadsheets is spreadsheets!

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