Back again with new product feature updates and this time we have some goodies. You can now use regular expressions, reorder your spreadsheet tabs, preview your data more quickly, search the integrations list, sort the columns in your spreadsheets, and use a more performant application. For more information keep reading:


You can now use regular expressions in Sourcetable! Three different formulas allow you to alter the strings in your data. The formulas are:

Regex Match

  • =REGEXMATCH(A33,"b")

This gives you a true or false(boolean) search of whether a string contains a part that matches the criteria. In the image above the formula is giving a true or false answer to whether the state string has a lowercase “b.”

Regex Extract

  • =REGEXEXTRACT(A33,"a")

This formula allows you to extract part of the string in your data and can be especially useful for extracting the domain of an email address.

Regex Replace

  • =REGEXREPLACE(A33,"A","4")

This formula will allow you to replace part of the string with a different set of characters. In the image above the uppercase “A” has been replaced with “4.”

Reminder - regex formulas are case-sensitive.

2. Reorder Spreadsheet Tabs

Instead of only having the spreadsheet tabs in the order you created them you can now reorder to your heart’s content. Just click on the tab and drag it into the place

Spreadsheet Tab Reorder GIF

3. More Performant Data Preview

Investigating the data in your integrations is now easier than ever. You can quickly bring up demo data and scroll through the list of tables and columns in each one.

Data Preview GIF

Integrations are key to accessing all that Sourcetable has to offer. Making sure you can connect all of your data sources in one place is easier than ever with searching the integrations list. No more scrolling through the 40+ integrations to find the source you need. Now, you can type in the name and start connecting your data.

Integrations Search

5. Workbook Sheets Sorting

Sorting is no longer only for data tables. Now, you can sort columns in workbook sheets as well. Which will allow you to see the most successful or least successful products for example.

Sorting Columns in a Spreadsheet

6. Performance Updates

In our effort to keep improving Sourcetable we have made the joins recommendations and workbooks even better. The development team has also been working to ensure that the app is more user-friendly and performant.

🙏 Thanks again and please keep the feedback coming. We love to hear what you need and want to use.

Coming soon:

  • Calculated Columns
  • Hot Keys

The future of spreadsheets is spreadsheets!

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