How-to videos, improved performance and more filters for you data!

Hello Sourcers! More new features have been released and are ready to be used:

1. How-to Videos

Sourcetable has many features. To get help you get the most out of your workbooks we have included instructional videos. These videos are located in the documentation section of the site and can be accessed anytime you need them. They will walk you through your first integration and how to access your data. We will be adding more as time goes on to help you with more complex features like joining your data from different integrations.

2. Improving Performance

The app is performing even better with quicker changes between charts and loading. We changed the way that we query the data making it more responsive and performant than ever.

3. More Filters

Sometimes you want to see the data that isn’t null or does not contain a certain phrase or number. Now you can filter your data four more ways: not equal to, does not contain, null, is not null. With over 11 ways to filter your data you can dig into customer cohorts, demographics or your end-to-end marketing funnel.

🙏 Thanks again and please keep the feedback coming. We love to hear what you need and want to use.

Coming soon:

  • Pivot Tables
  • More Integrations

The future of spreadsheets is spreadsheets!

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