Not only is a year 525,600 minutes but for Sourcetable it is also rows of live data, templates used, or features shipped. 2022 was an amazing year for the team at Sourcetable. We started the year strong and only got better!

Below is a list of features we released in order of ascending release date:

  • Charts and graphs
  • Invites
  • Password reset
  • Integrations

  • Conditional Formatting

easter-egg: use rand() to create a conditional-formatting party

  • All-time Data Sync
  • Group by
  • Faster joins recommendations
  • Bulk CSV import
  • More data integrations
  • How-to Videos
  • Improving Performance
  • More Filters
  • Two weeks filter

two week filter

  • Row limit increases
row limit increase
  • Field selector of greater than, less than, equal to
matching fields
  • Select join types
join selection
  • Google Drive Integration
Google Drive Integration Selection
  • Row Count
Sourcetable Row Count
  • Google Ads Update
Google Ads Integration Selection
  • SQL MetaData
SQL MetaData Example
  • =REGEXEXTRACT(A33,"a")
  • =REGEXREPLACE(A33,"A","4")
  • Reorder Spreadsheet Tabs
Spreadsheet Tab Reorder GIF
  • More Performant Data Preview
Data Preview GIF
  • Integrations List Search
Integrations Search
  • Workbook Sheets Sorting
Sorting Columns in a Spreadsheet
  • Performance Updates
  • Saved Data Tables/the Data Library
Data Library List
  • New Accounting and Payment Integrations: Xero, Quickbooks, Square, Braintree, ReCharge, Stripe
  • New Ads Integrations: Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest Ads, Tiktok Ads
Sourcetable Integrations GIF
  • Pre-made reports from your data
Feature Prioritization Template powered by Sourcetable
  • Simple P&L pre-made report
Simple P&L by Sourcetable
  • Mortgage Payment Estimate pre-made report
Mortgage Estimate Payment Calculator by Sourcetable
  • ROAS Template by Sourcetable
ROAS Template powered by Sourcetable

2022 gave us a data library, REGEX, more than 10 more integrations, and pre-made reporting templates. With so many improvements made we are even more excited for next year. Hope your year was a wonderful as ours!

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